Sparks General Scholarship

CLOSES: April 9, 2021 by MIDNIGHT! 

Completion of the Sparks High School General Scholarship application is required for students who wish to be considered for scholarship awards provided by Sparks High School. Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the Sparks High School Scholarship Committee. Awards will be announced in late May.


To apply for the general scholarship, you must complete the following requirements:  

General Application

​In order to complete the general application, you must login into your Office 365 account. 

  • Your username is your school

  • Your password is the password you use to log into the school computers. 


The information you enter into the scholarship application is completely confidential and will only be used by the scholarship committee. It is highly recommended that you have your parents/guardians with you to help you answer questions. 

  • The application will ask you for your parents tax information. 

  • The scholarship is open to undocumented students. 

Make sure you can complete the application in one sitting, it cannot be saved and returned to once you begin. Be sure to reread your answers before you submit the application. 

If you would like a paper version of the scholarship form that you can print out practice with, please email




Included in the application, you must attach the following documents: 

1) A copy or a screenshot of your acceptance letter/email from at least one college or trade school you are considering. 

2) An updated resume that focuses on your high school career and achievements.

  • Please upload your resume as a Word or PDF attachment. Be sure to reread before sending! 

3) Two scholarship essays that answer the following prompts: 

  •  A) Describe an accomplishment that you take pride in. It can be an academic accomplishment or a personal one. Explain and describe how this accomplishment demonstrates your ability to be successful in higher education and in life after high school.

  • B) Describe your college, university, or trade school plans and your financial situation. What have you done or will you do to help you prepare/budget for the financial circumstances of your future plans? Explain how receiving a scholarship might impact your community, your success, your loved ones, and/or yourself.  

Essay Format requirements: 


12 point font 

Times New Roman 

Include Name 

Uploaded as a Word or PDF attachment.

Be sure to reread before sending! ​


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at! Good luck! 

application attachments